This project is a 2,000 square foot house remodel for a young family in the beautiful Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. Their budget was 2.33 million dollars, which is on the smaller side for Butler Armsden. While the budget was lower than we had hoped, I was confident that we could do great work! All of the images and renderings on this page were created by me.  
The house was located next to a historical protected green house at the back of the lot with allow our house to open big windows on that side.
This upper Isometric views show part of the schematic evolution of the exterior of the building and the lower show the final theme.
also this floor plans show the final design.
I worked on this project as an Intermediate Designer under the leadership of a Project Manager. The main architectural & signature features were designed by me. Throughout the process, we were careful not to trigger a 311 neighbor notification as the client wanted to build it as quickly as possible.
The Pantry is one of the leading design elements that I created. It is a breathable wooden enclosure that carries down from the third to the second floor. The viewer can appreciate this sculptural element as soon as they enter the house and enter the triple-height space where the staircase is located. I envisioned this element to allow for easy communication between the kitchen and the office space from different floors. Additionally, the Walnut wood gives much warmness to this modern minimal environment. The clients loved this idea as soon as I introduced it to them, and I am so happy they made an extra effort to build it as is.
The house started construction in January 2020, and is still ongoing as demonstrated by the recent photos below. The construction crew is currently installing the Warmboard system, and things are looking great so far! 

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