Welcome to my portfolio!
Over the years I have been able to put together this space to showcase my work. I have been fortunate to see some of my projects getting built and I am always more than happy to show them around.
A bit about me is that I grew up in a small town in Mexico, but soon enough, I moved out to the second biggest city. I earn a scholarship for one of the best universities for Architecture in the country. I developed a lot of skills from both analog and digital worlds while studying my B.Arch (5 years). I explored some industrial design by designing and building furniture. I am passionate about Architectural Photography and Textiles. And after I finished university, I got some jobs in Mexico, but I always wanted to move to the US. Then I moved to San Francisco, where I worked for a few firms, and now I'm in New York. I'm eager to work for a top firm here.

I hope you find my work exciting and grant me the opportunity to join a great team.
What I am looking for in a job;
•To find "The Firm" for me. Im looking for a place where I feel like I belong and gives me joy to see my projects get built.
•To be challenged by design and explore sophisticated solutions.
•To get the opportunity to improve my Project Management skills
•To continue my process of getting my Architectural License
•To be part of a professional community where I could bring something to the table and feel supported by others
•To spend more time on construction sites if possible.
•To enjoy work!
My experience in numbers
Experience in Residential Architecture
in the USA = 4.6 Years
In Mexico = 1.8 Years
Sbutotal = 6.4 Years
Experience in Mixed Use Architecture
In the USA = 1.75 Years
Total of experience =8.15 Years
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