The Oracle offices in Guadalajara was the first project in Mexico that I worked on while living outside of the country. This experience broadened my perspective and introduced me to architecture as a global profession. Our team in San Francisco was responsible for the schematics and some of the design development, while our team on the ground in Mexico was responsible for construction documents and construction administration.
This 85 million dollar project was devised to create a fully accessible campus to serve over 2,000 employees. The project included mixed office spaces, a cafeteria, recreational areas, and outdoor sports facilities. I created the majority of the graphics and renderings featured on this page while working on the project. 
Seeing this project built made me think about my responsibility with the users. Even if my role was low in the chain, I know that my contributions have repercussions with the clients. And I think I learn this raw because I got feedback from some of my friends in Mexico that work there and use the installations.
For this project, I modeled everything on Google SketchUp and rendered it on Lumion, which allowed me to be flexible for many changes throughout the process. 

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